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Update From The Students' Union

RE: Non-Halal Grilled Chicken at Wilf’s Restaurant and the Turret The Students’ Union is actively listening to the concerns raised by the likely serving of non-Halal grilled chicken in Wilf’s and the Turret. As part of our commitment to rebuilding the trust of the Muslim community at Laurier, we wanted to provide an update on the steps we’re endeavouring to take as part of our review of Halal food services practices.

  • Until we determine a precise and transparent approach for serving Halal items, we will not label any of our menu options as Halal.

  • With any re-introduction of Halal food items, we will work to: · Develop a separate Halal menu that may include ingredient lists for entrees, specific supplier information, and a series of frequently asked questions. · Ensure transparency by making our Halal product registration and verification documents publicly accessible. · Create an accessible resource for Hospitality team members that outlines and illustrates requirements for maintaining proper Halal food preparation processes. · For transparency, explore the feasibility of publicly sharing training videos of our food services process.

  • We are exploring the standards required to be certified Halal.

  • We will engage our suppliers and food service experts to determine what processes and requirements we need to ensure that an entrée remains Halal from packaging to plate.

  • We are evaluating what additional kitchen equipment could enhance our ability to serve Halal food.

Please direct any questions or concerns to

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