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Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union Outstanding Volunteer Award

The Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union Outstanding Volunteer Award is a new distinction presented to an exceptional student volunteer who has demonstrated unwavering dedication, leadership, and a remarkable commitment to service within their volunteer position. This award not only acknowledges the recipient's outstanding contributions to their committee but also celebrates their profound impact on the campus community as a whole. This award not only recognizes the recipient's past accomplishments but also encourages them to continue making positive contributions to their volunteer role(s) and the broader campus community. It serves as a reminder that their dedication and commitment to service are valued and appreciated. 

There will be SIX $1,000 awards presented
Four on the Waterloo campus and two on the Brantford campus.
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Criteria for Selection: Candidates for this award will be evaluated based on the following criteria:  

  1. Exemplary Service: The recipient has exhibited an exceptional level of dedication and demonstrated strong leadership qualities in their role as a volunteer within their committee 

  2. Campus Impact: The recipient's volunteer efforts have had a measurable impact on the campus community, fostering a more inclusive and vibrant campus environment, enhancing student life for their fellow Golden Hawks. 

  3. Commitment to Organizational Mission: The recipient’s actions should embody the mission, vision, and guiding principles of the Wilfrid Laurier Students’ Union, as seen here 

Individuals must be nominated to be in the running for this award. Individuals can either nominate themselves or other volunteers. The final decision will be made by a committee of Students’ Union staff. 



Nomination Requirements 

The actions and/or activities listed in the nomination must: 

  • Describe the extent of the nominee's involvement as a volunteer within the Students’ Union community (I.e., a coordinator, executive, or general member) 

  • Show that the nominee has gone above and beyond the expectations of typical operations

  • Multiple nominations are accepted and will be taken into advisement by the panel given: 

    • New information is presented in each additional nomination 

    • Nominations are submitted by different applicants 

  • The preferred format by the panel is concise writing (i.e. point-form), where the facts and (if applicable) any supporting explanation are clearly and effectively communicated. 

  • The nominee must be in good standing with the Students’ Union, and not on any disciplinary sanctions (i.e. probation, suspensions, etc.) by The Students’ Union or the Institution. 

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Sarah Brophy


VP: Financial & Volunteer Operations Waterloo

519.884.0710 x 2083


Tilak Vyas

AVP: Financial & Volunteer Operations Brantford

519.756.8228 x 5827

Sofia Pazienza.jpg

Sofia Pazienza

AVP: Financial & Volunteer Operations Waterloo

519.884.0710 x 4464

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