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The Food Bank aims to help undergraduate students dealing with food insecurity. Food insecurity refers to the inability to acquire or consume a balanced diet that is of adequate quality and quantity. This can oftentimes create challenges sustaining one’s wellbeing: physically, mentally, and academically.


Food Bank Parcel Program
This service offers a completely free parcel service that operates throughout the full calendar year, providing 5 parcels per term that accommodate most dietary restrictions and typically last a week or more. If you require assistance outside of what the Food Parcel Program can offer, please reach out to:  Waterloo -; Brantford - and let us know how we can help!


Emergency Hot Meal Program (Waterloo campus only) - Closing April 25th, 2024 (Only available September - April)

On the Waterloo campus, there is also a collaborative program between the Students Union and Laurier's Food Services to provide Dining Hall access to students in need of an emergency Hot Meal. Please note that the Food Bank Emergency Hot Meal Program is not meant to be an ongoing support and should be used in one-off dire situations where a meal is needed.

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