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Club & Associations Resources

Looking for support in managing your Club/Association? Look no further! Below you will find resources and support tools to help guide you through managing all aspects of your Club/Association. Click the box below to be taken to the specific section for the resources you are seeking. 

Financial Resources

These resources will help guide you through the financial management of your Club/Association. If you have any questions or concerns related to this, please reach out to your respective (A)VP who can answer your questions or direct you to the right resources for support.

How to complete an Expenditure Form (COMING SOON) 

How to complete the Allocation Form (COMING SOON) 

Expenditure Form

Allocation Form

Deposit Form Template

Float Request Form (COMING SOON) 

Sponsorship Template

SU-Desk Ticket Request Form

Event Management Resources

Campus events are an integral part of the Laurier community. They bring together people from many diverse backgrounds and cultures and contribute to the overall enhancement of the student experience. 

To ensure that all sanctioned events (both on and off campus) are appropriately planned and safe, the Primary Event Organizer (PEO) is required to complete an event submission form at least 3 weeks before the event or ninety (90) days for travel outside of Ontario. Whether your club is hosting a virtual event, a general meeting, promoting your club in the concourse or hosting an off-campus gala, we want to see your Event Requests! 

Event Registration Form

SU-Desk Ticket Request Form

Risk Management Resources

When considering elements of Risk associated with your event, keep in mind some of the following elements: 

  • More than a hundred (100) people in attendance 

  • The event is taking place off-campus 

  • Features a speaker from an external organization 

  • Alcohol is being served/is available to purchase 

  • A sports-like (physical) activity is planned 

  • Transporting students by means of personal vehicles, a chartered bus, or a rental vehicle 

  • Any activity that has the potential to result in damage to the individual person or physical property 

  • Any event covering topics/information that may be strongly opposed by other members of the Laurier community. 

If any of the above elements are a part of your event, it is important to be honest and transparent in your event submission for the following reasons: 

  • The Students’ Union and the University need to know when large groups of people are gathering on campus for reasons of safety and planning purposes 

  • Professional staff can offer advice or assistance in helping to organize an event and help students to assess any risks that may be associated with their activity 

  • To ensure a student activity is covered by insurance; if your event is not approved by the Students’ Union, you may be personally required to accept any liabilities that result from your activity. 

In the event that you are unsure if your event has any potential risks associated with it, then err on the side of caution and contact: 

Release, Waiver, & Indemnity

Event List Waiver

International Travel: Participant Information Form

Personal Vehicle: Driver Waiver

Personal Vehicle: Passenger Waiver

SU Based Clubs Resources

SU Based Clubs Executive Training Slide Deck (COMING SOON) 

SU Based Clubs Executive Training Zoom Recording (COMING SOON) 

Constitution Template

Clubs & Associations Policy

Clubs & Associations Procedures Manual

Budget Allocation Policy

Poster Policy

Social Media Policy

Clubs Handbook (COMING SOON)

Logos (Blue PNG, White PNG, Blue JPEG, Blue PDF)

Reporting Forms

As a Club Member you play an important role in supporting your fellow Golden Hawks and representing the Students’ Union. This responsibility can ask you to wear many different hats, sometimes at the same time. Whether your peers are disclosing things like sexual violence, mental health challenges or needing of professional support, you have a duty of care to these students to follow the appropriate communication channels up the organizational chain. In doing so, it is important to also remember that confidentiality is of the utmost importance and information should be shared up with those who can help support and not out to the general student body. 


Disclosure of Gendered Sexual Violence

Student of Concern

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Concern

Volunteer/Club Member Conduct


**NOTE: For more information on when to submit each type of form and the limits of confidentiality, please see the descriptions below. 



There are limits to confidentiality as a Club Member of the Students’ Union. Club Members are obligated to complete the appropriate Student’s Union form when they have received information or observed actions pertaining to the health, safety and conduct of their peers. This includes but is not limited to disclosures of gendered and sexual violence, instances involving actions contrary to the values of equity, diversity and inclusion, instances where you are concerned for the wellbeing of a peer or conduct contrary to Students’ Union policy and procedures and the non-academic student code of conduct.  When receiving this type of information form a student directly, it is imperative that the individual is advised, as soon as possible, of the limits of confidentiality and Club Members obligation to follow the reporting process. At no point should complete confidentiality be guaranteed to any individual that is disclosing information to a Club Member.   


With the above in mind, we have created several forms that are required to be filled out and submitted to the Students’ Union for follow up. 


Disclosure of Gendered Sexual Violence 

If you receive a current of historical disclosure of gendered and/or sexual violence you must inform the Students’ Union so that they can provide support and resources to the student(s) should they need it. Please use this form to provide this information. The form will be received by the VP Clubs & Associations and the Director Student Experience). 


Student of Concern 

If you receive information or observe behaviour that makes you concerned for the potential well-being of another student, you must inform the Students’ Union so that they can provide support and resources to the student(s) should they need it.  Student wellness concerns include but are not limited to mental health concerns, self-harm concerns, threat/harm to others, marked changes in mood or behaviour, difficulty in communicating and/or distortions of reality or learning or academic challenges beyond what is normal for a university student. Please use this form to provide this information. The form will be received by The VP Clubs & Associations and the Director Student Experience. 


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Concern 

If you receive information about or experience an EDI related issue, it is imperative that you inform the Students’ Union so that they can provide support and resources and follow up appropriately with those involved. EDI related issues include but are not limited to experiences pertaining to discrimination and harm (e.g., racism, sexism, ableism or unfair treatment based on an aspect of one’s identity). Please use this form to provide this information. The form will be received by the VP Clubs & Associations and the Director Student Experience. 


Volunteer/Club Member Conduct  

If you receive information or observe behaviour in another Club Member that is contrary to the policies and procedures of the Students' Union and/or the Non-Academic Student Code of Conduct, you must inform the Students' Union so that they can appropriately follow up with the individuals involved. Please use this form to provide this information. The form will be received by the VP Clubs & Associations and the Director Student Experience.

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