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Club & Associations Resources

Looking for support in managing your Club/Association? Look no further! Below you will find resources and support tools to help guide you through managing all aspects of your Club/Association. Click the box below to be taken to the specific section for the resources you are seeking. 

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Alya Najla

VP: Clubs & Associations

Office: Waterloo

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Isabella Addorisio

AVP: Clubs & Associations Waterloo (Faculty-Based Clubs)

Office: Waterloo

Neelesh Rehal.jpg

Riya Lalji

AVP: Clubs & Associations Brantford

Office: Brantford

Neelesh Rehal.jpg

Aaron Smith

AVP: Clubs & Associations Waterloo (SU-Based Clubs)

Office: Waterloo

Timelines and Deadlines

Winter Term (2024)

Club Feedback

  • December/January

Winter Budget Allocations (SU-Based Clubs only)

  • January 8 - January 24

  • Faculty-based clubs, please reach out to your respective Faculty Association for timelines/process

Presidents Training:

  • Tuesday January 16 (SU-Based Clubs) | Wednesday January 17 (Faculty-Based Clubs)

Club & Association Appreciation Night

  • Friday March 22 (Brantford) | Tuesday March 26 (Waterloo)


End of Term Dates

  • Event Registration Deadline: March 29

  • Expenditure Deadline: April 5

  • Last Day to Host Events: April 20 

  • Transition Deadline: April 19


These resources will help guide you through the management of your Club or Association. If you have any questions or concerns related to this, please reach out to your respective (A)VP who can answer your questions or direct you to the right resources for support!

Club Specific Resources

SU-Based Club Training

Faculty-Based Club Training

Policy & Procedures

Other Resources


Financial Resources

Expenditure Form

  • Complete to submit reimbursement request/process payments

  • Expenditure Form Tutorial

Finance Training Form

  • Complete once a year to access club finances permissions (i.e.: submit expenditures)


SU-Desk Ticket Request Form 

  • Complete form to create a website where event tickets can be purchased, donations can be processed, or for club merchandise tickets 

Budget Allocation Form (SU-Based Clubs Only)

  • Complete once every term to request a budget

  • Budget Allocation Tutorial

Special Event Funding Form (SU-Based Clubs Only)

  • Completed through Event Registration Form (can be found under Event Resources) - to request additional funding

  • Must meet requirements as outlined here (section 8.10) 

Sponsorship Template

  • Complete for any club sponsorships (email to your respective AVP) 

Transition/Registration Resources


Constitution Template (Word Doc)

Clubs & Associations Advisor Agreement 

  • This form must be completed if you plan on having an advisor who assists your club. Club advisors will not be recognized by the Students’ Union if there is no form filled out by their respective club. 

Third-Party Affiliate Form

  • This form must be completed if you are planning on being affiliated with an external organization. 3rd Party Affiliation organizations will not be recognized by the Students’ Union if there is no form filled out by their respective club or association.

Event Resources

Event Timelines

  • All events should be submitted 3 weeks before the event date

  • All large-scale events should be submitted 4 weeks before the event date

  • If travelling Outside Ontario, you are required to submit your event ninety (90) days in advance.

When to submit an "Event Registration" form? 

  • Any activity that is related to your club requires an event form

  • Official club socials, virtual events, off-campus events, official club meetings, boothing, etc. 

Event Registration Form 

  • Complete to submit an event request 


SU-Desk Ticket Request Form 

  • Complete form to create a website where event tickets can be purchased, donations can be processed, or for club merchandise tickets 

Cash Box/Float Request Form

  • Complete to request cash box & float (email to your respective AVP at least 1 week in advance)

Event Considerations/Requirements

Event Waivers

Complete the applicable form(s) above if any of the following apply:

  • More than a hundred (100) people in attendance 

  • The event is taking place off-campus 

  • Features a speaker from an external organization 

  • Alcohol is being served/is available to purchase 

  • A sports-like (physical) activity is planned 

  • Transporting students by means of personal vehicles, a chartered bus, or a rental vehicle 

  • Any activity that has the potential to result in damage to the individual person or physical property 

  • Any event covering topics/information that may be strongly opposed by other members of the Laurier community. 


If any of the above elements are a part of your event, it is important to be honest and transparent in your event submission for the following reasons: 

  • The Students’ Union and the University need to know when large groups of people are gathering on campus for reasons of safety and planning purposes 

  • Professional staff can offer advice or assistance in helping to organize an event and help students to assess any risks that may be associated with their activity 

  • To ensure a student activity is covered by insurance; if your event is not approved by the Students’ Union, you may be personally required to accept any liabilities that result from your activity. 


In the event that you are unsure if your event has any potential risks associated with it, then err on the side of caution and contact Jason Verhoeve, Director, Student Experience at (Multi-Campus).

Questions or Concerns? Contact The Following People:

  • Brantford Campus: Riya Lalji, AVP: Clubs & Associations Brantford at

  • Waterloo SU-Based Clubs: Kay Lavery, AVP: Clubs & Associations at

  • Waterloo Faculty-Based Clubs: Ben Jesseau, AVP: Clubs & Associations at

Reporting Form

Students' Union Reporting Form

You are required to fill out the reporting form for any of these:

  • Disclosure of Gendered Sexual Violence​

  • Student of Concern​

  • Club Member Conduct​

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Concern​ 

Look below and scroll through for more information about each of these.

If you are looking to access support, or resources you can refer to peers click here for a list of services and resources offered at Laurier.  

Disclosure of Gendered and Sexual Violence

If you receive a current of historical disclosure of gendered and/or sexual violence you must inform the Students’ Union so that they can provide support and resources to the student(s) should they need it.

Marketing Committee

Follow our Clubs & Association Instagram Accounts, and tag us if you want us to re-share your posts/events!




Have more questions visit our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions & inquiries. If you still have questions, reach out to us! 

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