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The Hiring and Recruitment Committee is a great way to get human-resources experience, be a part of the Student's Union community and have the opportunity to work on a team. Hiring and Recruitment serves several functions which can be broken into two sections; hiring and recruitment. On the hiring side, HR runs and oversees the hiring of all Student's Union volunteers. They mark applications, conduct interviews, and ensure that hiring within the Student's Union remains fair and unbiased. On the recruitment side, HR volunteers get to market the hiring process across the campus through virtual graphics, in-person workshops and collaborations with external partners on and off campus. As a volunteer on Hiring and Recruitment you will be a part of these distinct sections and gain insight into your interests.

How to Get Involved:


The Students’ Union hires over 1000 student volunteers to help us run our Programming, Services and various other departments throughout the school year.  

The Students’ Union is committed to providing diverse and inclusive programming for all students. This includes hiring a diverse and representative group of volunteers. We welcome and encourage applications from qualified individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, persons with disabilities, and persons of a minority. Our specific Committee is comprised of a Coordinator, Executives and Generals! 

If you are interested in any of these opportunities on our Committee, check out this page to see what positions we currently have available, or email our Vice President: Financial and Volunteer Operations ( if you have any questions.

If you don’t see something that interests you now, be sure to check back frequently as we post positions at varying times throughout the year!  


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