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Board of Directors Candidates


Amirhossein Ahmadinoori

Getting involved in board of directors gives me the opportunity to participate in the collective decision making in a way that benefits the majority of students. I can bring value and different views to the board while advocating for the majority of students both morally and legally

Nicholas Betivoiu

Hello everyone! My name is Nicholas Betivoiu and I am a second-year student who takes pride in creating a sense of community and helps to improve the facilities that our students and faculty enjoy. At present, I am running for a position on the Board of Directors. I would like to have the opportunity to help develop my community using what I have learned during my time as a board member and active member of the Laurier community. In this role, I believe I can offer a new perspective and help Laurier flourish as a whole. I look forward to hopefully working with you all soon!


Daniel Corona

Cole Dermott

Hailie Ellis

I want to be on board of directors mainly to represent my fellow students. As a director I feel I would be able to voice my concerns, questions and feedback to make a meaningful difference on behalf of my peers. Not only will the concerns and questions affect current students and policy, but it also allows me to create a positive change that will impact the lives and experiences of current student and future students. This student body is not simply from one place or culture, having a diverse set of students means we must have someone on the board of directors who takes this into account. I want to make sure that everyone in the Laurier community is heard and I plan to take into account the different needs, wants and interests of our diverse community. I want to have open and honest conversations with the students, hear their needs and wants and plan to communicate that to the rest of the team who I hope will have the same motives as I, so we can make real and impactful decisions regarding the Laurier community.

Mason Fitzpatrick


Zachary Goodwin

My name is Zachary Goodwin, and I am second year in the BBA program here at Laurier. I would be a great candidate for the 2023 Board of Directors due to my previous experience on the Board as well as my vast knowledge of Board policy and application. Throughout my time at Laurier, I have succeeded in various ways and feel it is time to implement strategies I have learned in and out of my program into Laurier's student Union. I want every student to feel their voice heard on the Board and would want nothing less than to be that voice for them. I would not only  be proud to serve on the Board to represent Laurier and myself but voicing opinions of friends, colleagues, and students alike. Thank you for listening and best of luck in the 2023 academic year. 

Josh Hamilton

HEY! My name is Josh Hamilton and I'm running for the Students' Union Board of Directors! Before I start to overload you with information about my background, I wanted to take a second to highlight my purpose for running in one word: advocacy. Being heard is important, but having a megaphone on and by your side to ensure you are heard is a superpower like no other. I am that megaphone!


For some background, I'm a second-year student in the BBA and co-op program with a passion for community development. I have a diverse set of experiences that I can apply to the board when representing you. As a current Don, House Council Advisor, and Director on ACE Laurier community is at the forefront of everything I do as it is what makes Laurier unique. I have had the opportunity to meet students from all years and programs who provide me with insight into their Laurier experiences. As a director, I will work hard to amplify these perspectives and ensure I am being the megaphone that I promised to be.


Thank you!


Christopher Matheson

Hello everyone, my name is Christopher Matheson, and I am currently a first-year BSc student at the Waterloo campus. I am running for a position on the board of directors. So far during my time here at Laurier I enjoyed the experience and what the Laurier student’s union provides to its students. It is awesome that the Student’s union runs things such as the Food Bank, Foot Patrol, the Emergency Response Team, and many more to benefit the Laurier community. The main reason that I would like to be a part of the board of directors would be to help govern the student's union and help maintain what is currently an amazing resource for many Laurier students. If I do get elected to the board of directors, I will make sure that your voice is heard and improve the Laurier Golden Hawk experience to the best of my ability, I will also ensure transparency and consistent communication with the student body, so you know what the Students Union is always up to. I hope that you can place your trust in me as one of the student’s union board of directors to achieve these goals and be your voice on the board!

Colton Phillips

Hey Golden Hawks! My name is Colton Phillips, and I am a first year Economics major running for the Students Union Board of Directors. As a candidate for the Students Union Board of Directors, I am committed to providing a strong voice for the concerns of my fellow students. I understand the importance of representation and I believe that I have the skills and experience to effectively advocate for the needs of the student body. I have a passion for improving the student experience and a track record of leadership and dedication. I have been actively involved in various student organizations in my short time at WLU. And am progressing further into leadership roles for the next school year. I understand the importance of student engagement and have the skills to effectively communicate and listen to student concerns. I am committed to making a positive impact on WLU and I believe that my skills, experience, and dedication will make me an asset to the Board of Directors.


Jack Sloan

Hello! My name is Jack Sloan, and I am seeking election to the Board of Directors because I believe my experiences both prior to attending Laurier, as well as a Laurier student would provide the board with a unique and valuable perspective. I am a proud first-year golden hawk who is confident that I can support both the Laurier student body’s academic and non-academic needs, as well as provide significant insight into the current first-year experience that has been curated on campus. If elected I will make it my goal to adequately and justly assess current board policies to ensure transparency and accessibility for all. I look forward to creating a successful, accommodative and meaningful impact at Laurier!  

Madison Tsoutsoulas

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve our school community through the SU Board of Directors. I am keen to leverage my professional skills, board member training and experience to support the SU strategic plan and advocate for better conditions for students and staff alike. I am proud to have made Laurier my home for the past 4 years and hope to foster the same experience for all present and future students.

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