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Board of Governors Candidates


Mohammad Abu-Rshaid

My name is Mohammad Abu-Rshaid, and I am running for the Board of Governors at Wilfrid Laurier University. As a fourth year Forensic Psychology student, I have spent the past year as a member of the Students’ Union Board of Directors, and a Senator in the University Senate, including on the Senate Student Appeals Committee. In these positions, I have focused my time and energy to advocating for the best possible outcomes for students. My time at the Appeals Committee has been focused on advocating for and contextualizing the student's experience. In my time as a Director on the Board for the SU, I emphasized and adapted the role of the SU to add more direct advocacy efforts for pressing student issues. I have sat on multiple Director Inspection Committees that have analyzed and amended policies that I believe improved the operations and efficacy of the SU. Here are some examples of my previous and ongoing priorities I wish to bring to the Board of Governors in the new coming year: (1) student affordability, and (2) concrete improvements to student services. I plan to achieve this by attending and meaningfully contributing to all meetings, participating in as many committees as possible, and bringing a unique, experienced perspective to the role. With all this mind, I would appreciate your support in the upcoming election. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me on Instagram @votemohammad4governor or at

Noah Espiritu

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