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President & CEO Candidate

Megan Spenler

My name is Megan Spenler (some call me Spenny). I am a fourth-year Business student running to be your next Students’ Union President & CEO. I have been involved at Laurier as a: 


Shinerama General; 
Food Bank Executive; 
Hiring & Recruitment Executive; 
Vice President of Students Offering Support; 
SU Desk Associate; 
Vice President of Startup Laurier; 
Vice President of Sports Management Laurier; 
Vice President on Leaders of Laurier; 
Campus Ambassador; 
Associate Vice President of Clubs & Associations; 
Orientation Week Head Icebreaker. 


During the pandemic, I never hesitated to get involved. Even if it meant back-to-back zoom calls outside of class time. I pursued opportunities to learn the most I could about Laurier which would make me the best candidate for you. 


I have developed a platform that will benefit all students, regardless of their campus based on feedback from students and staff at Laurier. Whether it’s improving EDI initiatives, increasing programming, or enhancing collaboration on campus, I truly believe there is something for everyone on my platform. 


Getting involved in the Students’ Union was the best decision I made at Laurier. I made friendships that’ll last a lifetime, developed skills and learned about what makes a community. I gained so much from the Students’ Union and am excited to have the opportunity to help each of you get the most out of next year. 

I will put students at the forefront of everything I do and lead with integrity.

Vote for Megan! 

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